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Hello Friends,

I wanted to check in and give you an update on the activities on this website. Many of you have read a snippet of my upcoming book and have noticed that I haven’t written much lately. I have been working with a wonderful company on branding and revamping the site for the launch of “the book”. Please stay locked, I assure you there are good things to come. (smile)

I will share this with you; creating this website and starting this blog was truly a stretch for me. I have learned so much and still learning. I have grown tremendously by your comments and words of encouragement. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I pray that I’ll continue to empower, encourage an inspire you on this journey we call life.  Most importantly I pray that you will have a deep desire to grow your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Be blessed my sisters and brothers.

His Love and Mine



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